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Bradley Risk Management does not sell insurance or receive income from insurance companies or brokers. Our interests are aligned with yours 100% of the time.

Insurance procurement and management for property-driven portfolios can be complicated, time-consuming and far too expensive. Bradley Risk simplifies and streamlines this process while also saving clients hundreds of thousands of annual premium dollars. Using our unparalleled knowledge of the insurance market, we work with your risk management team and incumbent broker(s) to ensure you get the best possible deal.

After achieving our goal of managing a process that gives you the best coverage at the lowest premium, we will continue to work with your team as much – or as little – as requested by you. We offer numerous services at highly competitive prices, ranging from bespoke projects to full outsourcing of your firm’s risk management functions.

Marianne Rawlins, Founder and Lead Consultant

Marianne Rawlins, Founder and Lead Consultant

Our Philosophy

We are not here to fire your broker, and our track record proves that.

The vast majority of our first-year clients’ insurance premiums are 30%+ higher than market before our involvement, but this does not always mean your broker is incompetent or driven by nefarious motivations. Rather, it is usually a matter of perspective. Brokers work with programs and products they themselves have to offer and often have limited insight into what their competitors bring to the table. We collaborate with a myriad of brokers all over the country, which gives us a macro perspective that a single broker just cannot offer.

Our aim is to engage with your current broker and leverage our extensive market knowledge to deliver the best possible program at the lowest premium.

  • New Projects Resulting in Savings >30% 80%
  • Average Annual Premium Savings Per Client 37.6%
  • Projects Requiring a Change of Broker 14%

An Independent Expert


Bradley Risk provides unbiased risk management advice to residential real estate portfolios. We work with clients nationwide and therefore have a thorough understanding of the market forces affecting your portfolio. Our in-depth knowledge of the inner workings of the insurance industry allows us to work with any broker to realize the best coverage at the lowest possible premium.

Forward Thinking


The industry is always evolving. Insurers’ perception of of your class of business can vary from day to day, catastrophe to catastrophe. We understand exactly who today’s key players are, where they are strong, and where they fall short. A competitive rate one day may be wildly out-of-market the next. We are always thinking ahead and keeping our clients prepared for the unexpected.

Problem Solvers


In spite of your best efforts, things can go wrong. Bradley Risk solves problems for our clients every day. These problems range in severity from fielding broker solicitation calls and addressing minor service issues to complex claims handling and emergency response. We cut through the confusion and produce results – saving your firm time and money.

Training Your Team


Nobody can replace your in-house risk management team. Bradley Risk serves to empower them with market intelligence and objective advice. Whether you need our assistance onboarding a newly hired risk manager or you are looking to educate your acquisition team to assist with due diligence, we can help.