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Risk Assessment and Insurance Program Audit

Bradley Risk Management offers a complimentary version of their popular Risk Assessment and Insurance Program Audit to qualifying portfolios. Contact us to learn more. 

BRM’s Risk Assessments and Insurance Program Audits include the following analyses:


  • Organizational Risk Tolerance and Philosophies Review
  • Contract Certainty Evaluation
  • Policy Review
  • Insurance Program Structure Review
  • Historical Claim Review
  • Evaluation and quantification of exposure to loss
  • Insurance Requirements Contract Review¬†(i.e. lease review, subcontractor agreement review)
  • Coverage Limit Review

Your Risk Assessment and Insurance Program Audit report will include the following:


  • Notable strengths associated with your current program.
  • Identification of coverage gaps.
  • Analysis of historical losses.
  • Evaluation of coverage limit appropriateness.
  • Assessment of standard contractual insurance requirements.
  • Evaluation of current insurance program pricing when compared to market rates.
  • Bradley Risk Management’s proposed recommendations and action plan